Fireside Gathering at Nerdstock

Nerdstock Gaming Center

6300 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78727, USA

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Sunday, April 22, 2018


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Bell's Tavern


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EVERYONE!!! All Ages Welcome!!

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Given up on 3 Star Masters already? Tired of stale ladder meta? Do you agree that Rank is just a number? Think you're the best in Austin? Whether you answered yes or no to any of those questions, every passionate Hearthstone player is welcome to Nerdstock's Fireside Gatherings. With the Year of the Mammoth coming to an end, Nerdstock will be the final battlegrounds for the Old Gods to see who will be the last god standing. 2:30 PM Registration begins* 3:00PM Bracket begins* *All times approximate A Best of 3 Standard Last Hero Standing (3 decks 1 ban) Double Elimination Tournament will take place. Entry is $6 All players will receive 2 packs for playing. Top players will get more packs. Bring your own device please. Come out and compete, share home-brewed decks, make friends, and most importantly have fun. Additional information: "Hearthstone Competitive Format – 'Last Hero Standing'" "What Sets the Pros Apart: Mulligans with AKAWonder" "What Sets the Pros Apart: Tournament Deck Lineups"

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Nerdstock Gaming Center

6300 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78727, USA


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