Infinite Loop

11701 Central Ave, Waldorf, MD 20601, USA


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Saturday, November 4, 2017


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Infinite Loop


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Any skill levels.

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Entry fee: FREE Conquest format, no ban. Incorporate best of three, each player brings two classes with one deck of each class. Each player is aware of which classes his or her opponent brought. Then, both players queue into the first game with a class of their choosing. Whichever player wins must then switch to a different class for the next game. Once a player wins with a class, it cannot be played again within that best of three match. The loser can choose to either stay with the same deck, or switch to one of the other two classes. Once a player wins with all two of his or her classes, that player wins the match. Double elimination

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Infinite Loop

11701 Central Ave, Waldorf, MD 20601, USA


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