Fireside Cup THQ Zwolle

Het Vliegende Paard

Voorstraat 17, 8011 MK Zwolle, Netherlands

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


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Everybody is welcome! Entry to the event costs 5 euro. At the door, it costs 6 euro. Buy your ticket now at

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January 22 we're hosting a Hearthstone tournament again and it will be an official Tavern Hero Qualifier. Winner enters the Hearthstone Championship Tour and has a shot to win a share of $2.000.000 prize pool! Last year we did over 30 Fireside Gatherings so expect a great get together with lots of cool people, fun activities and good food and drinks for everyone. The Fireside Gathering will take place in Zwolle. Het Vliegende Paard is close to the train station of Zwolle with direct connections from Utrecht, Groningen, and Leeuwarden. With prizes, goodies, tournaments and live stream on, we're going to have an awesome day filled with E-Sports. Come and interact with other Hearthstone enthusiasts and discuss plays over a couple of beers. The tournament will be a best of 5 with 1 ban. Poule followed by Single Elimination, Conquest in Standard format. Any kind of decktracker is not allowed, only pen and paper. You have to take 4 decks with you with no other decks in your collection (or decks with a red cross so you have 29 or fewer cards in those decks and they can't be used). After the poule, we'll start a free side tournament for everyone to join. Bring your own device, a phone, tablet or laptop is allowed, there will be enough power supply!

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Het Vliegende Paard

Voorstraat 17, 8011 MK Zwolle, Netherlands


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