Spring Tavern Hero Championship


1511 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

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Friday, May 20, 2016


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All ages are included for this event. We will help out anyone that wants to just try out the game, along with the people who are very serious about the game. There is no limitation. Please check out the side tournaments here: Friday: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings/20465 Saturday: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings/20466 Sunday: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings/20467 Participating in these tournaments will allow you the access to unlock the PowerCore Cardback as well!

Event Info

This is the 3-day long event (9:00AM-5:00PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) where Blizzard is trying to find the next Spring Preliminary Champion. On Friday, there will be the Tavern Hero tournament that will be consisting of players that have won Tavern Hero Qualifiers verified by Blizzard. On Saturday and Sunday, the Spring Preliminaries will be consisting of the top 32 players from the Tavern Hero Tournament and the top 128 North America Hearthstone players (Based on Blizzard standings found here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/standings/). Don't let these tournaments stop you from coming though! We will be including side tournaments, gaming of all sorts, and a viewing of the Hearthstone event! You'll get a chance to meet some professional players and just have a really fun time with a community of gamers.

Custom brawls are not available

You’ll be able to play the standard Fireside Brawls at this event.


1511 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA


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