HCT Tavern Hero at Mothership Books and Games

Mothership Books and Games

2121 W Parmer Ln #119, Austin, TX 78727, USA

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Saturday, February 6, 2016


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We would like to invite Hearthstone players interested in competitive play to join. Players attending any of these Blizzard-sanctioned Hearthstone tournaments will battle it out in a Bo5+Ban format until a champion is crowned in each location. These remaining players will be named Tavern Heroes and will each earn a slot in the Hearthstone 2016 Winter Preliminaries. We would also like to invite esports fans to join our Fireside Gathering to meet other players, hang out, and spectate the tournament!

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Join Longhorn Gaming, the flagship chapter of Tespa, at Mothership Books and Games on Saturday, February 6th for a special Fireside Gathering featuring the new Tavern Hero tournament! Players will compete in Bo5's until a single winner is named Tavern Hero. This player, as well as other Tavern Heroes from Fireside Gatherings across the Americas, will all be seeded to compete in the 2016 Hearthstone Winter Preliminaries alongside the top 128 players with the highest HWC points! Free parking is available onsite with several food options nearby, so sign up online to compete and earn your spot in the upcoming Winter Preliminaries!

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Custom brawls are not available

You’ll be able to play the standard Fireside Brawls at this event.

Mothership Books and Games

2121 W Parmer Ln #119, Austin, TX 78727, USA


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