Pull up a chair and let’s play some Hearthstone!

Get together with friends old and new to play Hearthstone in a public place like a coffee shop, your local comic book store, or other gaming-friendly location that's open to the public.

By participating in a Fireside Gathering, you can unlock a special card back! You can learn more about how to unlock a card back here.

Hosting your own Fireside Gathering is easy.

Whether you plan to host a small tournament or a friendly gathering focused on deck building, take a look at the tips and resources below for information on how to prepare, advertise, and operate for your event.

And while you’re out there having fun going head to head with other Hearthstone players, don’t forget to share photos of your events with us using #FiresideGatherings on Twitter.

Fireside Gatherings

Found a Tavern! NEW!

Taverns are open communities of Hearthstone players that regularly host Fireside Gatherings at venues of their choice. Establish a Tavern, and you can organize events and build your own Hearthstone community.

Downloads for Innkeepers

Fireside Gatherings