Hearthstone at Harbourlights


Kon. Wilhelmina Boulevard 9, 2202 GT Noordwijk, Netherlands

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Saturday, 4 March 2017


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Everyone is welcome, enter the tournament, play a quiz or just a casual game against friendly players. We are a open pub where other people (who do not play hearthstone) are interested in meeting new people to talk about anything. Harbourlights can be found online: http://www.harbourlights.nl http://www.facebook.com/HarbourlightsNoordwijk

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Hearthstone @ Harbourlights is afternoon full of Hearthstone! There will be a tournament , a quiz with prizes to win and a come together for everybody to enjoy. Tournament format & rules: 1. Standard (decks from the year of the Kraken) 2. Conquest (bring 4 decks, one will be banned by opponent) 3. Group stage (poules, 2 players advance to knock-out) 4. Knock-out (final stage, defeat your opponent to advance) 5. Bracket will be visible at all time on big screen and at challonge.com 6. Final will be played before an audience on big screens and streamed onto twitch 7. Prizes: 1st Prize: Blizzard gift card. 2nd Prize: Hearthstone Hero! Quiz format & rules: 1. To enter quiz, register team with organisation, pay fee (2 euro/team) 2. Teams consist of 2 players/persons 3. There will be 4 rounds of 8 questions (1 point/right answer) 4. Team with the highest amount of points wins (prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (money & goodies) Come together format & rules: 1. Be nice 2. Drink beer (or something else to your liking) 3. Enjoy 4. Leave when you are done/ready (we do not do sleepovers)

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You’ll be able to play the standard Fireside Brawls at this event.


Kon. Wilhelmina Boulevard 9, 2202 GT Noordwijk, Netherlands


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